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We Are All Quite The Same

As politicians stoke fires, the rest of us prepare to pay. It is us who will be asked to stand and fight. It is us who will be ordered to bleed & die. On both sides the battles will rage. Good people fighting a fight they will never understand. Good people incurring scars that will never fade. The architects will puff their chests. Ideology & Spin. Headlines & Ad Sales. Pockets padded by the machine of war. In a world so connected, how can this happen? We are not that different, and it is plain to see. Language, Dress, & Culture; but we are all quite the same. Let us put aside the rhetoric. Let us turn off the 24 hours news. Let us instead seek to understand. Turn to your device: See the cities. See the people. See the world with your own eyes. The good outnumber the evil. Smiles & kindness prevail. Health & Family. Comfort & Connection. Security & Hope. We are all quite the same.

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