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your boutique consulting firm?

Struggling to launch or scale

I can help!

Small Firm Big Impact
Luke Hohmann

Luke Hohmann,
Chief Innovation Officer, Applied Frameworks

What I like most about Adam's advice is that he links pricing to cash flow strategies. This is really important, because the cash flow strategies of a consulting firm are different than other types of companies.


What could your boutique consulting firm achieve if you had all of the tips, templates, and a map of the gotchas, that could otherwise hold you up for years? 

What defines a boutique consulting firm and how does it stand out in the consulting landscape?​

✅ How can boutique firms effectively identify niche markets and specialize?

✅ What strategies are essential for successful client acquisition and retention in boutique consulting?

✅ How can boutique firms deliver exceptional value through their services and maintain quality and consistency?

✅ What are the best practices for financial management and growth in a boutique consulting environment?​


✅ What future trends in the consulting industry should boutique firms prepare for, and how can they adapt to technological and market changes?

But wait, there's more!


It's performance review season...

I've got you!

don't worry

Surviving Performance Reviews

Are you stuck somewhere between new and old ways of working? Are you unsure of how to best serve your team, and yourself, during performance review season? Wonder no more!

🚀 Redefining Performance Management: The book challenges traditional performance management systems, advocating for a more agile, empathetic, and effective approach.

🚀 Agile Principles in Reviews: It integrates Agile methodologies into performance reviews, emphasizing continuous improvement and team dynamics over rigid ranking systems.

🚀 Empowering Employees: The book offers strategies for employees to actively engage in their performance reviews, turning them into opportunities for growth and development.

🚀 Navigating Difficult Feedback: It provides insights on how o handle and deliver difficult feedback effectively, fostering a culture of open communication and empathy


🚀 Practical Tools and Techniques: The book includes practical worksheets, tips, and AI integration suggestions for both managers and employees to enhance the performance review process.

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