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Adam Michael Mattis

Hi, I’m Adam. I help organizations solve hard problems, build cool stuff, and create authentic & engaging workplaces. 


 What is the biggest challenge facing business today? 

Figuring out how to thrive in the post-digital economy..



My goal is to help organizations survive, and people thrive, in the post-digital age.

I dedicate my time to ensuring esteemed organizations stay pertinent by bridging the gap between products and the technology driving them. How? By modularizing both business and technical architectures, refining value streams, aligning products, and re-envisioning the experiences of employees and their customers.

By harnessing tools from the realms of Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, Experience Architecture, and Decision Science, businesses are empowered to operate with increased agility and better cater to their customers and the global community.


Our journey starts with setting a lucid vision and fine-tuning the organization to swiftly produce remarkable products. We amplify outcomes by streamlining social hierarchies, championing economic decision-making techniques, adopting agile financial frameworks, and redefining our approach to human capital.

With trusted strategies, influential guidance, memorable facilitation, and a dedication to Customer Centricity at our helm, the end result consistently comprises more satisfied customers, invigorated employees, and a robust bottom line.

Me in 10 seconds?

I am a creator, advocate of clarity, triathlete, motocross racer, builder, speaker, and content publisher. 

Multipotentialite, introverted-extrovert, decisive, and seeker of alternate perspectives. 

What am I doing now?

Check out my now page. 


Contact me?

See why you should. Please read my frequently asked questions, first.  


Recent Articles

My most recent thoughts can be found in the blog.

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