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An influential partner for organizations along the path to Business Agility. With the goal of helping brands thrive in a post-digital economy, I focus on helping enterprises move from Projects to Products, adopt new approaches to technology and architectural integration, streamline operations, renew their focus on people, and learn how to deliver value with optimal timing.

In 2020, every business is a digital business.

I spend my days helping great organizations remain relevant by removing the walls that exist between products and the technology that enables them. The formula? Business and technical architecture modularization, value stream optimization, product alignment, and reimagining the experience of employees and the customers they serve. 

Success is assured by leveraging tools from the Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, Experience Architecture, and Decision Science toolkits, allowing enterprises to move faster and better service customers and the world.

We begin by establishing a clear vision and optimizing the organization to build amazing product, fast. Results are scaled by flattening social structures, promoting economic decision-making methods, implementing more responsive financial models, and rethinking how we approach people.

Through the use of proven frameworks, positive influence, unforgettable facilitation, and the practice of Customer Centricity, results consistently yield happier customers, engaged employees, and a healthier bottom line.


leadership / influence + vision + strategy + team building + engagement
pitching / public speaking + creativity + energy + conversations + listening
operations / transformation + scaling + forecasting + process
product / innovation + market segmentation + empathetic design + value stream economics 
technology / digital decoupling + architecture + devops + data + ai
people & culture / hr + culture + talent + compliance


MY FAVORITE PLACES TO BE: in front of a room building excitement and support for new ideas, moving mountains to help others reach their potential, with a team of motivated people building something cool, and in a quiet space with my road bike, camera, and #2 pencil putting ideas to paper.


PROFESSIONAL VISION: Partnering with organizational leadership, drive sustained growth by reinventing the way brands approach product, technologyoperations, people, and customers.


PERSONAL VISION: To leave everyone and everything better than I found it.


AS DESCRIBED BY OTHERS: Driven, Empathetic, Authentic

How I Lead

How I Deliver

Agile Mindset & Inclusive Culture

People First, Radical Candor, One Team

Curated Delivery Model

Fast Innovation Cycles


US Army

After selling my first business, I spent a few years in the US Army throwing around artillery shells, serving as diplomatic security, winning hearts and minds, and "knocking on doors." 


I lost a game of hide-and-seek with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Iraq, and received a Purple Heart and full military retirement as a consolation prize. 


I am proud of my service, and will always do everything that I can to support my brothers and sisters who willingly write a blank check to our country. 


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