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9 Wins and 1 Black Eye: What I've Learned About AI and ChatGPT in the Past Six Months

1 :: AI is changing fast.

AI is Changing Fast

The evolution of ChatGPT over the past six months has been remarkable. Even more thrilling, however, is how people have utilized its underlying architecture in various innovative ways. If you're a developer with an idea but are waiting for the confidence to bring it to market, you're already too late.

2 :: AI isn't coming for your job

AI isnt coming for your job

The tools available to us today are both powerful and exciting. However, it's important to recognize that their greatest benefit lies in aiding the execution of our work, rather than replacing us. Take DALL-E as an example: indeed, it can generate graphics and images, and with the right prompts, these can even be quite impressive. But the reality is that they're only marginally more creative than what has been available on stock graphic sites for years. Most of what current AI produces is excellent for sparking creativity, but achieving a finished, polished product still requires the human touch.

3 :: AI is coming for your job:

AI is coming for your job

Okay, perhaps I shouldn't promise that AI won't ever replace your job, but ultimately, that's up to you. AI can enhance your speed, productivity, creativity, and precision. However, to reap these benefits, you must learn how to use it effectively. If you choose not to, you may find yourself lagging behind your AI-empowered colleagues.

4 :: Garbage in, garbage out.

Adoption is fast

The quality of AI output is directly tied to the quality of the questions you ask it. This art of crafting effective queries for AI is known as prompt engineering. For most everyday tasks, there's no need to overcomplicate things. However, for more complex, in-depth work, consider exploring the strategies outlined in THIS guide.

5 :: Adoption is Fast


The pace of AI adoption in the business world has been rapid, and its presence is becoming increasingly noticeable. As we enter the first quarter of 2024, many organizations are dedicating time to understanding how AI will influence productivity in the year ahead. However, it's important to note that even though numerous companies now claim to be AI-enabled, few possess a clear understanding of what that truly entails.

6 :: Integration is Slow

Integration is slow

Although AI adoption has been rapid, its integration is unfolding more slowly. As industries anticipate government regulations and policies regarding AI's acceptable use, many are hesitant to make investments that might need to be reversed later. This implies that it could be some time before we see AI extensively replacing professions like doctors and attorneys, or significantly supplementing banking systems.

7 :: Responsible AI

Responsible AI

When it comes down to it, we're all trying to understand what it means to use AI responsibly. In fact, this is one of the KEY TASKS we've undertaken at Scaled Agile. Are you interested in discussing this topic in depth? JOIN ME at next month's MeetUp in Raleigh for a comprehensive discussion. Food and drinks are always provided.

8 :: You look like an idiot

Don't do it

You, yes, you – the person using ChatGPT to craft your LinkedIn posts and then directly posting them without any fine-tuning or review. I'll confess, there was a time when I experimented with this approach myself, waaayyy back in October 2023.

But, it's 2024. We can do better than that. At the very least, let's learn how to use prompts more effectively.

And, yes, this advice applies to using DALL-E for images as well.

9 :: Experiment, Have Fun, and Verify


ChatGPT is a ton of fun to use. Please, don't fear it: TRY IT!

Start with a simple question: What is the most interesting thing you can tell me today?

Please, leave the output in a comment on this post so we can all learn together.

If I can be of any help in this domain, JUST ASK.

10 :: The Black Eye: South Park was right. Again

In Season 26, Episode 4 of 'South Park,' titled 'Deep Learning,' the boys try out an experiment where they let ChatGPT respond to text messages from their girlfriends. Although it didn't work out well for them, I was intrigued enough to try it with Jenelle. However, similar to the boys' experience in 'South Park,' my attempt to use ChatGPT for romantic conversations had a similar result.

If you can't learn from South Park, learn from me: don't use ChatGPT to save time responding to your partner's text messages. 😉


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