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The only HR policy a company (should) need.

Through my years of work, research, and study within the realm of HR, I have come to the conclusion that nearly all HR policy exists to protect the organization from its own toxic culture.

With that, I present you with the only HR policy you (should) need (and if you disagree, take a hard look at your culture.)

Note: The terms “us” and ”our” refer to ”us all” and “all of our.” With a great culture, no explanation is needed, but for the context of this article I felt a note to be needed.

BEHAVIOR POLICY Treat others as they would have you treat them.

DRUG & ALCOHOL POLICY Do not harm to yourself, your colleagues, our customers, or our brand.

COMPANY PROPERTY POLICY Assure that you have what you need to be safe, comfortable, & productive on your work. Please treat our property and that of others as you would your own.

EXPENSE POLICY Be a good steward of our and our clients money.

DRESS CODE POLICY Dress appropriately.

TIME-OFF POLICY Take the time you need to be refreshed to best serve our colleagues and clients.

LAWS Please know them, and don’t break them.

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Please do not discredit our team.

EXIT POLICY Together we will do everything to help each other grow and succeed. At any point should our paths diverge, we will bid one another a happy adieu.

EVERYTHING ELSE Do the right thing.

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