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Running in the Rain.

Take a moment and listen:

That sound, the tranquility, is why I lace-up the ‘ol Nike Pegasus 2‘s and go for a run each time the sky turns to rain. There was a time when I would turn on podcasts or music when I would run. I used the distraction to help compartmentalize the pain of a long session, or to distract me from the noise of the day.

That is, until I fell down the rock garden at Chautauqua. After that extra-fun morning adventure, I decided that I was better off with my own thoughts.

Oh, the thoughts.

In our information- and data-obsessed, always-on world it is nearly impossible to escape.

There is always someone to help, “things” to get done, and other mediums demanding our time. Peace is nearly impossible to find.

Except in the rain.

The white noise of the rain falling through the tree, the feeling of the cool water on your skin, the smell of the damp forest is the perfect combination of stimuli to allow a few moments of blissful escape. Nothing but the sensations of the environment, the cadence of the run, and amazing peace.

The next time the sky turns grey, try a run! The only thing better is running in the snow.

Cheers, Adam

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