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Memorial Day 2020

As we roll into (this very odd) Memorial Day weekend, I would like to make an ask on behalf of my fallen brothers and sisters. In honor of them, please take some time this weekend to reach out to the medical professionals in your life. As they fight what is the battle of their lifetime, they are facing many of the same choices that our military members face in combat. They are putting the needs of others above their own. They are seeing things nobody should ever see. They are relying on their team to make it through the day. Resulting from their selfless dedication to the health of others, they are incurring scars that they will never escape. I don’t care who you are, mass casualty scenarios will never leave you. Feelings of “no escape” can be overwhelming. Anxiety is debilitating.PTSD is real. To honor those who have sacrificed for our way of life, let us all take a moment to lift up those who are fighting on the front lines of the COVID war. We appreciate you. You are not alone. Thank you.

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