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Every Business is a Digital Business

For several years, I have been warning my clients that Digital Transformation was not optional. That, in the future, there would be two types of businesses: those who placed digital and customer experience first, and the businesses who are no longer around. As we sit at the threshold of 2020, this perspective is more true than ever. There are businesses and industries that have embraced their digital future and placed the customer at the center of their ecosystem, and businesses that are scrambling to solve the problem. No industry, no job, is immune from this. This is why I have dedicated myself to creating, and helping others implement, operating frameworks that best position them to make the right decisions, with customer focus, that make the world a better place. Just this morning I had an experience with an organization that gets this new business paradigm: Audi. The company has shifted its Service model to be more customer-centered and transparent, thanks to a digital platform. Not only has Audi leveraged Text Messaging to communicate with their clients, thereby saving queues and frustration when trying to provide updates via phone, they also promote complete transparency by connecting service techs directly with the customers whose vehicle they are working on. Via video, the tech explains exactly what they are doing, what they see, and describes the recommended course of correction. They show the deficiency, explain what can happen if it is not corrected, and promote complete transparency in an industry that has historically been filled with fraud. Big thanks to Audi, Flatirons Audi, Rob Ellison, and the Flatirons Service Team for putting their best digital-foot-forward, with the customer in mind. Check it out!

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