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The following portfolio contains a list of consulting projects undertaken between 1998 and present day.

Though some client information is shared transparently, other information has been sanitized based on the terms of various NDAs.

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OBJECTIVE: Transform the culture and practices used by the eCommerce Portfolio to manage people and work from project-centric, command and control models to product-focused Agile models for the benefit of faster product delivery to the customer.

KEY RESULT: 83% reduction in product cycle time

KEY RESULT: 50% reduction in portfolio staff / $1M savings

KEY RESULT: 2-point improvement in customer NPS



OBJECTIVE: Develop self-service web and app-based solutions for policy quotes, claims reporting, and investment management. 

KEY RESULT: 10% increase in customer retention

KEY RESULT: Claims cycle time reduced by an average of 20%

KEY RESULT: Efficiencies resulted in a 48% reduction in payroll



OBJECTIVE: Compliance Portfolio Management

KEY RESULT: Finding to resolution cycle time reduced by 92%

KEY RESULT: 100% alignment of work items to findings



OBJECTIVE: Reimagine the banking experience in affluent neighborhoods to attract millennials and increase branch traffic and profitability through the Cafe branch transformation model. 

KEY RESULT: Opened three (3) trial Cafe locations

KEY RESULT: Improved profitability of branches by 15%+

KEY RESULT: Improved branch traffic by 60%+


OBJECTIVE: Improve the efficiency of ATM distribution and retooling by optimizing the value stream, limiting WIP, and making all work visible. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced implementation timelines by 75%

KEY RESULT: Improved refitting times by 20%


OBJECTIVE: Improve corporate marketing operations by optimizing the value stream, limiting WIP, and making all work visible through the employ of Agile Marketing methods. 

KEY RESULT: Delivery cycle times reduced by 83%

KEY RESULT: Customer engagement improved by 8% 


OBJECTIVE: Improvement partner relationships to improve employee engagement and reduce time-to-market for key co-brand campaigns. 

KEY RESULT: Delivery cycles times reduced by 50%

KEY RESULT: Employee engagement improved by 5% due to collaborative working agreements. 

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OBJECTIVE: Develop a workshop to help improve Product Management practices.

KEY RESULT: 100% of PMs learned Design Thinking

KEY RESULT: 100% of PMs learned Lean Startup

KEY RESULT: A standardized PM framework was established throughout the firm

Under Armour is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland.


OBJECTIVE: Serving as the CEO of the Military / Law Enforcement business unit, reduce product development cycle times to meet the unique needs of SOCOM, and improve profitability. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced product development horizon by 83%

KEY RESULT: Improved category profit margin 7%

KEY RESULT: Grew revenue from $10M to $50M+


OBJECTIVE: Develop strategic partnerships to place focus on giving back to the military, law enforcement, and first responder community who sacrifices so much, for so little. 

KEY RESULT: Donated product valued at more than $1.5M

KEY RESULT: Raised more than $1M for Wounded Warrior Project

KEY RESULT: Hosted 9 WWP themed college football games, with associated auctions raising more than $500K for various charities. 

Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12 mile-long obstacle courses that test mental as well as physical strength. It was co-founded by Will Dean, a former British counter-terrorism officer, and Guy Livingstone, a former corporate lawyer.


OBJECTIVE: Rapidly activate around the Tough Mudder fitness trend to assure that athletes receive the product which will help them perform at their best. 

KEY RESULT: Campaign activated in 90 days

KEY RESULT: Customized footwear, apparel, and accessories were delivered ahead of schedule. 

KEY RESULT: $2M revenue generation in year one.

Wounded Warrior Project is a charity and veterans service organization that offers a variety of programs, services, and events for wounded veterans of the military actions following September 11, 2001. It operates as a nonprofit 501 organization


OBJECTIVE: Alleviate stress on the non-profit by taking over sourcing and distribution operations of the organization's backpack program, serving recently wounded service members.

KEY RESULT: Monthly distributions managed with 100% efficiency.

KEY RESULT: Over $1M in cost savings for the non-profit. 

KEY RESULT: Partnering with industry businesses, solicited sponsorship of 3,000+ backpacks from the general public.



OBJECTIVE: Leveraging the Under Armour key account network, develop a campaign to place branded apparel and accessories in retail outlets around the country between 4th of July and Labor Day.

KEY RESULT: Endorsers included The Rock and Tom Brady.

KEY RESULT: Over $5M in product placed at some of the nations largest retailers. 

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OBJECTIVE: To improve freshman retention rates, gain a better understanding of the student experience through data trends. 

KEY RESULT: Tech delivery cycles improved by 92%

KEY RESULT: Retention rates have stabilized at 71%

KEY RESULT: Leveraging data insights, degree offerings were adjusted to reflect market demand. 


Laureate International Universities are the for-profit universities and colleges owned and operated by Laureate Education, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States. In 2018, the company owns and operates more than 200 programs, both campus-based and online, in 25 countries.


OBJECTIVE: To better serve our students and understand their needs, the organization must align its business and digital assets to behave as one.

KEY RESULT: Product delivery timelines reduced by 83%

KEY RESULT: SAP implementation saved $40M YoY

KEY RESULT: Data center consolidation reduced OPEX by $10M YoY, and provided real-time access to student data. 



OBJECTIVE: To more efficiently serve our students For Good, complete IPO as a Public Benefit Corporation. 

KEY RESULT: IPO on 2/1/17, raising $419M




OBJECTIVE: Leveraging partnerships with Microsoft, create a prototype of the University of the Future. 

KEY RESULT: Introduced augmented reality to dental students in South America. 

KEY RESULT: Using the Office 365 platform, assured that every student had access to the tools needed for academic success.


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OBJECTIVE: Relaunch digital platforms to provide access to discounted total vacation packages - Digital2020.

KEY RESULT: Created a new customer experience using iterative, human-centered design techniques, that improved interaction by more than 100% 

KEY RESULT: 1% YoY revenue growth attributed to the Vacations platform in year one. 



OBJECTIVE: Business unit merger

KEY RESULT: Improved profitability by 8% 

KEY RESULT: Improved technology integration resulted in significantly reduced OPEX.

KEY RESULT: Improved architecture resulted in a 92% reduction in time-to-market



OBJECTIVE: Reimagine the business portfolio to embrace a "customer first" digital experience. 

KEY RESULT: Organizational redesign reduced the need for two levels of middle-management

KEY RESULT: Improved architecture resulted in a 92% reduction in time-to-market

KEY RESULT: Adoption of an "Innovation Mindset" resulted in products that allowed the organization to remain a relevant partner for their largest account. 



OBJECTIVE: Using SAFe, Reduce the number of devices carried by a courier, and reduce device maintenance costs. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced the number of devices carried by a courier from 3 to 1.

KEY RESULT: Embracing an iOS framework, the need for daily maintenance was eliminated.

KEY RESULT: Over $10M cost savings




OBJECTIVE: Using SAFe, Create a mechanism that allows drivers to quickly identify new businesses, and opportunities, for the sales team.

KEY RESULT: Enabled the capability for drivers to photo and geotag new businesses, with the information automatically routed to the appropriate sales team. 

KEY RESULT: New opportunity increase of over 1,000%

OBJECTIVE: Deliver three years of work project work in five months. 

KEY RESULT: Leveraging SAFe, reduced product cycle times by 92%

KEY RESULT: Leveraging an economic decision-making framework, identified the MVP features required for each milestone within the various bodies of work. 

KEY RESULT: "Survived July" - the sponsoring Executive was able to keep his job after successfully delivering the needed work, on time. 

OBJECTIVE: Build strategic and operational alignment among seven unique operating companies. 

KEY RESULT: Standardized tracking formats

KEY RESULT: Consolidation of operating companies from seven to five

KEY RESULT: Embraced an economic framework for decision making, reducing BAU waste by 30%

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OBJECTIVE: Leveraging SAFe, integrate acquired technology into enterprise DevOps pipeline

KEY RESULT: Improved network security for the entire suite of products. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced dependency on the staff of the acquired business unit.


OBJECTIVE: Roll out 5g to the most profitable markets, fast. 

KEY RESULT: Trained and launched three release trains in a month.

KEY RESULT: Successfully facilitated concurrent PI Planning events for a 3-train solution train.

A technology company that operates a diverse array of network infrastructure, including two of the Internet's thirteen root nameservers, the authoritative registry for the .com, .net, and .namegeneric top-level domains and the .cc and .tv country-code top-level domains, and the back-end systems for the .jobs, .gov, and .edu top-level domains. 


OBJECTIVE: Serve as a Project Coordinator on an effort to modernize a Billing & Operational Support Systems platform.

KEY RESULT: Delivered an MVP of java version of a COBOL system in 18 months.

KEY RESULT: Retained 90% of client portfolio throughout the modernization effort.

KEY RESULT: Managing a staff of 40 off-shore testing partners, maintained a "zero defect" release policy. 


OBJECTIVE: Integrate & optimize enterprise engineering tools. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced the number of redundant engineering support systems, resulting in a $5M annual savings. 

KEY RESULT: Engineered a system of ETL staging tables that allowed four platforms to seamlessly reflect current status and state of work based on predetermined triggers and workflow.





OBJECTIVE: Modularize architecture to support a componentized product and sales model.   

KEY RESULT: Rebuilt and launched the new platform with complete feature parity in 18 months. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced cloud utilization by 70%.

KEY RESULT: Reduced time-to-market by 50%.


OBJECTIVE: Improve architecture to allow for near real-time content additions to the core platform.   

KEY RESULT: Real-time content addition.

KEY RESULT: Leverage AI to automatically tag content and present to most relevant audiences. 

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The SSA is an independent agency of the U.S. federal government that administers retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits.


OBJECTIVE: Leading a team of consultants, launch the EBIS annual wage reporting platform. 

KEY RESULT: Reduced batch processing times from weekly cycles to daily. 


OBJECTIVE: Digitize magazine subscription offerings. 

KEY RESULT: Launched flagship magazine brands as independent apps in the Apple and Google app stores. 



OBJECTIVE: Create an internal IT department.

KEY RESULT: By developing an internal capability, the firm realized a $40M annual budget savings

KEY RESULT: The firm was able to sever ties with their outsourced IT provider. 

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Valor Cycles

Position Held: Founder

Industry: Manufacturing

Mission: Create the world's first 3D printed carbon fiber race bike.

Outcome: Operating

Orion's Kin Media

Position Held: Managing Partner

Industry: Television Production

Mission: Creation of outdoor / technology-oriented television programs.

Outcome: Dissolved

Dylan Rowe

Position Held: Angel Investor

Industry: Boutique Fashion

Mission: Artfully curated apparel within an experience driven shopping environment.

Outcome: Divested

SCAR Training

Position Held: Managing Partner

Industry: Military / Tactical

Mission: Training solutions for the elite military and law enforcement personnel. 

Outcome: Dissolved

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Through my career I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing people from all over the world. Those experiences combined the technologies emerging in the post-digital economy have helped me realize just how small of a world we live in, and how similar we all are. From these experiences I have come to consider myself a Global Citizen. I am committed to helping anyone, anywhere in the world, interested in brining our global community closer together through technology, partnership, and a commitment to a brighter tomorrow. 

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